Novum Learning celebrates launch of microlearning platform with free online courses

If you’re looking for free training programs and activities that will help you or your business address skill gaps, Novum Learning’s new microlearning platform dedicated to professional service firms and supporting businesses is here to help you. Novum celebrated the launch of its online microlearning platform with an array of free online courses for lawyers, business leaders, financial professionals, marketing professionals, and other decision-makers. 

Addressing every professional’s skill gap

With Novum Learning you will not have to pay for expensive online lessons, study at a top university or attend physical learning institutions for you to address your skill gaps and learn new skills. Novum Learning offers some of the best online courses for professionals looking for ways to improve their knowledge and skills and for companies planning to upskill a new generation of employees. The path to reach these goals is not straightforward, that’s why we’re offering bite sized microlearning courses and free online classes to kickstart your journey.

Our complimentary video tutorials will help address the most common skill gaps and business obstacles most professional encounters, particularly those that involve technological innovations and complex decision-making. We will empower you to learn basic and advanced techniques of using Microsoft Office tools, master the best approaches to improve your time management skills, and guide you on how to build your online and offline connections to attract new partners and clients. You can achieve these and more through our free classes and online courses. 

Novum’s collection of free online courses 

As a microlearning platform, Novum Learning takes pride in its collection of some of the best online courses for professionals today. Our free online classes and short online tutorials can be taken in minutes, hours, days or weeks, but they offer lifelong lessons that will contribute to career advancements and successful business operations.  

Novum Learning currently offers the following free online courses: 

Essentials to creating new opportunities on LinkedIn 

A 30-minute free course that offers techniques and tools to improve your LinkedIn profile and network connections. This course is suitable for business partners, lawyers, practice managers, and marketing and BD professionals.

The Seven Secrets Of Opportunity Making Success 

An all-inclusive guide on how to be successful, created by Ari Kaplan, a leading legal industry analyst called by many as “The Chief Opportunity Maker’. This free e-book is suitable for professional services partners, lawyers, and marketing and business development professionals.

Excel from scratch 

A 3-hour free course that tackles the fundamentals of MS Excel and how professionals can use them. This course is suitable for decision-makers, professionals, and marketing and BD professionals. 

Strategy on page 

A 45-minute course that aims to provide a ‘battle plan’ for professionals facing business challenges and solving business objectives. This course is suitable for leaders, strategists, operation professionals, and marketing and business development professionals.

5 Steps to working seamlessly with PDF in MS Outlook 

A 23-minute free course with five modules tackling different steps to maximize the use of Microsoft Outlook when working with PDFs. This course is suitable for all professionals, especially ones licensed with Kofax Power PDF, formerly known as Nuance Power PDF

Tips to bill more hours with Time Matters 

A 35-minute free course that tackles the importance of timekeeping and offers various time management techniques and solutions. This course is suitable for partners, lawyers, paralegals, administrators, and practice managers who work for professional services firms using PC Law | Time Matters practice management technologies.

Build a growth culture to accelerate performance 

A 30-minute free course in an interview format. It explores the importance of culture in an organization and how leaders can utilize it to promote growth. This course is suitable for business leaders.

Reinvest in yourself and take microlearning courses for personal interest and career progression. Gain knowledge from global industry and subject matter experts by taking a high quality, micro lesson in minutes a day. 

Novum's learning management system promotes individual, mobile learning for you to consume microlearning content in a flexible way and to obtain a professional certificate for your social media profile and, of resume. Courses are of varying online degrees of difficulty, ranging from beginners to advanced and applicable to real world scenarios.

Say goodbye to your skill gaps for free, select a course above, enjoy your learning experience and see why Novum Learning is the leading microlearning platform for professional service firms, individual achievers and supporting industry sectors.