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What will you learn?

This course will save you time by showing you how to automate timekeeping while capturing previously unbilled time using Time Matters, legal practice management software. For better matter management purposes, benefit from using automated timers, linking records into workflows with task completion triggers, and setting up auto entry forms, codes and templates customized to the needs of your firm and your clients.

  • Capture more billable time using the Automated Timer that increases the accuracy of your time entries across practice areas

  • Use Chain templates to automate a sequence of Events or Todo’s based on a customized start date and common information between the records

  • Automate tasks by linking records together into workflows and setting up Triggers to complete key tasks for you

  • Arrange unique templates, use Auto Entry Forms and create codes to customize Time Matters for your firm

  • Combine frequently used documents with Time Matters data (Contact, Matter) through Merge templates

  • Customize the layout of your record forms to display pertinent information using Form Styles


  1. 1
    • What to expect

  2. 2
    • Automated timer

  3. 3
    • Chain templates

  4. 4
    • Triggers

  5. 5
    • Auto entry forms

  6. 6
    • Merge

  7. 7
    • Form styles

  8. 8
    • Thank you

You might be wondering ...

  • What is Time Matters?

    Time Matters is a customisable practice management solution used by thousands of law firms around the globe to improve sharing of information, collaboration, process workflows, time recording and more.

  • Do I have to have Time Matters to benefit from the course?

    No. This course will be invaluable if you are considering a new solution for your firm as you will be able to see the benefits of Time Matters in practical context. If you are looking for a new role, this certification also increases your employment opportunities given the widespread use of Time Matters. Apply for a role already knowing the firm's practice management, case management, legal software!

  • What's the benefit of me knowing how to bill more using Time Matters?

    Simply put, you will generate more fees if you use Time Matters and capture more hours spent on professional work. Additionally, you might have better opportunities to progressing your career by showing the growth of your contribution to the firm's overall profitability.

Meet the expert ...

Customer Support Specialist, PCLaw | Time Matters

Zakia Chisolm

Zakia’s technical experience, coupled with her background in accounting and finance, makes her particularly adept at analyzing workflows to resolve client issues. As a strong collaborator, she strives to help legal professionals learn how to succeed using Time Matters.