What we do ...

Novum Learning bring together a powerhouse of global experts from professional services and its related industries to create a single hub of specialist knowledge to accelerate professional growth. Our courses cover a wide range of practical skills and insights for professionals to learn in a flexible manner to advance their careers and be the best at what they do.

How we do it ...

Novum Learning is a forward-looking microlearning platform that constantly follows the ever-evolving demands of the modern working environment. As such, we make sure that we deliver the best tools and resources based on the needs of professionals looking to upskill. We do this by understanding our target audience, assessing and identifying skill gaps, discovering new technological advancements, and testing our products’ efficiency and relevance.

What we strive for ...

Novum Learning is a platform to empower professionals and organizations to realize their full potential through access to valuable content delivered by subject matter experts. We want to be instrumental in providing a mechanism for professionals to accelerate their career growth through unparalleled training and online learning. Through online learning opportunities we also strive to provide a new generation of employees with skills that shape a successful career within the professional services market and relative, supportive ecosystems. We also partner with our Instructors to facilitate an opportunity to expand networks by showcasing their expertise through online training courses designed for forward-looking businesses and professionals spanning a global basis.

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Shaun Locke

With an extensive appreciation of the skills needed for people to thrive in the modern-day workplace, it is extremely rewarding to know that people will transform their lives through the Novum Learning platform. The platform has a community of experienced professionals sharing their knowledge for others to benefit from their expertise. Course recipients have flexibility and options learning online from experts to develop their own personal skill sets for interest, career, and personal growth reasons.

Angel Investor and Director

David Woolstencroft

David’s name has become synonymous with growth through his career of helping people expand their businesses and finding careers for hundreds of professionals. Having recognised that education is a change enabler, David joins our team to take his passion for creating opportunities a step further by advising Novum Learning on the sources of valuable knowledge on the market that will create a true difference in the life of professionals.

Are you interested in becoming an Instructor?

As a microlearning platform, Novum Learning partners with field-experts and businesses to showcase their knowledge for professional development and career growth. Join us now!