We are committed to creating the best possible learning experience for you, which includes our transparency in how we engage with professionals and how we use data to accelerate your growth

Terms of use

Understand what it means to use our platform for your professional growth both in terms of how we engage with you and how we hope you will engage with us and our expert trainers.
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Instructor terms

Read the conditions that apply to professionals and businesses, who deliver content with us.
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Privacy policy

Data is essential for us to create a great learning experience for you and we treat it with appropriate confidentiality.

Trust and safety guidelines

You can confide in us throughout your learning journey as we are completely transparent about how we look after you and handle your data.
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Intellectual policy

Your knowledge is unique to you, so it's essential that you read about what spreading it with us means.
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Cookies policy

The better we understand how you engage with us the better experience we can provide you.
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Affiliate policy

We are excited to work with affiliates on spreading knowledge and it's important to us that you understand the dynamics we could have between each other.
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Affiliate form

Becoming a Novum Learning affiliate partner means that you can step on a journey with us to help professionals unlock the knowledge of global experts.
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Restricted topics policy

If we are talking about professional growth, we have to keep things professional. Make sure that you understand which topics are restricted from the Novum Learning platform.
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Instructor form

If you have experience in or with the professional services industry, topped with knowledge that could accelerate growth, we want you to join us for a journey