Microlearning platform, an effective tool for corporate training


Microlearning is a relatively new approach to modern learning, but it already revolutionized the e-learning industry and the world of professional development. Microlearning platforms emerged to change the way organizations address the skills gap, use technology for training, and challenge the new generation of professionals.
Benefits of microlearning in corporate training

Mental health awareness


Top tips to avoid burnout - Amanda Mead & Dr Leila Davis
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LTC4 and Novum Learning partnership for legal tech education


Novum Learning's partnership with the Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition (LTC4), empowers legal professionals by enhancing the accessibility of legal technology education to all firms.
LTC4 Novum Learning

Novum Learning’s Career Accelerator launches with the story of triSearch CEO, Taylah Allen


This is the first step in Novum Learning’s strategic decision to expand its focus beyond training on critical business skills and address career development planning. Based on market demand and over 10 years of career development experience from its talent acquisition and advisory department, Novum Learning will showcase career stories that help professionals enrich their career journey.

Microlearning in the modern corporate workplace: An overview

One of the most effective training methods used by companies and employees today is microlearning, a holistic learning approach that delivers bite-sized content of topics, skills, and ideas to focus on addressing a particular skill or knowledge gap. Microlearning is now a widely adopted e-learning method in the corporate workplace. Let’s see why many companies rely on microlearning solutions today.
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Career Considerations: Key Skills to Acquire in 2022


David Woolstencroft and Jason Elias from Elias Recruitment discuss the key skills that are in demand right now as the way we practice law is evolving at a rapid pace. Two key skills that Jason encourages lawyers to learn to maximise opportunities are networking and understanding innovation and technology. Why and how important would technology be for well-established employees? Watch the video to find out and gain access to recommended courses.

Why upskill: Top benefits of upskilling in advancing your career


Upskilling is the most straightforward method for professionals to gain a competitive advantage in a technology-driven world. It’s a quick and innovative training approach, but it can offer legitimate online certificate courses and lasting benefits to individual professionals and companies. Know how upskilling can build well-equipped and agile workforces on this blog.

Top LinkedIn strategies for lawyers that deliver real results


LinkedIn, today’s largest social networking site for professionals, is the best avenue for lawyers to obtain clients and grow networks. Like other social platforms, however, the competition is fierce. You need to up your game and stand out from the competition.

Law firm marketing | Resources for lawyers


Law firm marketing is an essential function for your practice to attract new clients to your firm. Like any discipline, there is a breadth of skills and capabilities needed to succeed with your client acquisition plans through effective marketing. This article is designed to steer you to invaluable resources that will augment your firms current skillsets and to leverage knowledge from professionals within the sector.

Novum Learning teams up with LTC4 to provide continuing tech learning for lawyers

Novum Learning strikes an alliance with LTC4 to offer structured microlearning plans and LTC4 certification for lawyers. Learn more about the groundbreaking alliance here.
novum and ltc4 partnership

Unlock your potential

Demand for legal tech salespeople is booming – but do you know your worth?


I think we can all agree that 2020/2021 have been some of the more challenging years in most of our lives, for one reason or another. If these years have taught us anything, it's that life's unpredictable and you shouldn't waste it being stuck in a dead-end job that doesn’t reward you for your skills. Legeal
Legal Tech Salespeople Booming

Novum Learning celebrates launch of free courses


If you’re looking for training programs and activities that will help you or your business address skill gaps, Novum Learning’s new microlearning platform dedicated to professional service firms and supporting businesses is here to help you. Novum celebrated the launch of its online microlearning platform with an array of free online courses for lawyers, business leaders, financial professionals, marketing professionals, and other decision-makers.

Transform Your Strategic Intentions to Tangible Action


Patrick J. McKenna, an internationally recognized author, lecturer, strategist and advisor, shares how firms could plan for success by turning strategic intentions into actions, taking you closer to your strategic goal. There are several common hurdles that you may need to overcome, and these 8 effective tips will help you reach your strategic goal.

How advanced Word courses will help lawyers


Many lawyers today depend on MS Word to deliver legal documents. Only a few of them, however, have mastered drafting top-notch documents using advanced MS Word features. To fill this gap, it’s recommended to undertake online MS Word courses specifically designed for lawyers.

Find the best online training courses for you


Now, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many stay-at-home students, professionals, and hobbyists are showing interest in online learning. That’s a good thing; the problem is, many find it difficult to find the best online training course based on their career paths, goals, and interests.

Negotiation in business and personal career: Why is it important?


We make choices and decisions every day. Everything in this world is up for negotiation. As such, the importance of negotiation is present in every aspect of our lives. Having good negotiation skills will empower you to reach your goals, regardless of their nature, purpose, and time scale.

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PC Law | Time Matters formalises partnership with Novum Learning


We are pleased to share the news of our formalised partnership with PCLaw | Time Matters in light of our shared commitment to ongoing education across the legal sector! Read the comments of Chris Stock, CEO of PC Law | Time Matters and Shaun Locke, CEO of Novum Learning about the joint initiative.

How a 'beginners’ mindset' can help you learn anything


“As adults, we instantly put pressure on ourselves with goals,” he says. “We feel like we don't have the luxury to engage in learning for learning’s sake.” Instead, he wanted to revel in the pleasure of the process. Vanderbilt details his journey in his January 2021 book Beginners, which combines his own personal revelations with the cutting-edge science of skill acquisition.

Reinventing professionals


Keep up to date with legal industry developments and get inspired by conversations from some of the most inspiring minds in law. Ari Kaplan's renowned podcast gives subscribers a regular glimpse into the best of the sector from personal journeys through technology all the way to soft skills,

Automation and machine learning: An opportunity to upskill support staff


So with almost 500,000 law firm support staff jobs in America, the most common question I'm asked is: “Will automation and machine learning cause me to lose my job?” Read the article from Chris Stock, CEO of PC Law | Time Matters, on the learning opportunities AI creates.