How advanced Word courses will help lawyers

Writing and drafting are essential and crucial skills that are needed throughout a lawyer’s legal career. Improvements in technology demand improvements in technique used by lawyers when preparing legal documents. Legal professionals are often required to prepare their own letters, documents, and other paperwork using Microsoft Word (MS Word).

Most lawyers today depend on MS Word to deliver legal documents but few have mastered the techniques to prepare top-notch documents using advanced MS Word features. For this reason it is recommended to undertake online Word courses that are specifically designed for lawyers.

In this guide, we talk about the benefits of MS Word courses for lawyers, the best tips on mastering MS Word, and the different ways to find the best courses online.


Benefits of advanced MS Word courses to lawyers

MS Word is a comprehensive application for legal document drafting and writing. Basic Word skills are important and are familiar to most, but there are still significant benefits to learning the application in its more advanced form. Here are the top benefits of advanced MS Word courses for lawyers:


Promote workplace collaboration

MS Word and the entire Microsoft Office suite have built-in collaboration tools that allow lawyers to work together in real-time. Mastering these online collaboration features through online courses will help lawyers draft legal documents quickly and easily.


Improve legal drafting skills

Online MS Word training for lawyers can improve their legal drafting skills by mastering editing, formatting, and layout tools. Law schools teach you how to defend clients; MS Word courses teach you how to draft and create top-quality professional legal documents.


Improve language proficiency

Advanced MS Word courses will also help to improve a lawyer’s language proficiency. Microsoft Word provides a variety of tools to detect spelling, grammar, and syntax errors in a document, while other settings autocorrect regularly misspelled words.


Tips on mastering MS Word as a lawyer

Advanced MS Word courses are readily available online. You can enrol in these courses instantly. It's worth remembering that basic knowledge is assumed. So before you enrol in advanced MS Word training for lawyers, here are some tips to give you some background to the learning you will receive:


Utilise keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are an essential time-saving tool when working in Word documents. Advanced online courses will show you what shortcuts should be used and where, so that you obtain the right result every time.


Apply and edit styles 

Apply and edit MS Word styles based on your preference or the styles in use in the document you are working on. While formatting text, identify and adjust the font, font size, and paragraph style when preparing legal documents and always get the numbering you want.


Prepare your documents before drafting

Applying the lessons, tools and techniques from the advanced course is much easier if your document is clean and well-formatted before you start.  An expert document technician can clean an old MS Word document quickly so you can start fresh every time.

How to find the best MS Word courses online

To find the perfect course for you, only go for advanced Word courses for lawyers hosted by reputable learning and skills platforms. Check the course provider first. Afterward, explore the course syllabus and see if it addresses the gaps in your MS Word skills.

Enrolling in Microsoft Word for lawyers training provided by reliable microlearning platforms like Novum Learning can give you access to industry experts and effective resources. If you’re planning to enrol, you might want to get started with our online course which addresses Best Practice principles in legal document preparation using MS Word templates.