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This is the first, foundational course from a three-session MS Word tables masterclass

Word tables made easy

Microsoft Word tables are a common element of professional documents to give a better structure to essential information or format text more efficiently. However, creating tables in Word that are robust is easier said than done. Knowing how to set up the basic foundations is where MS Word table skills start and can advance from rapidly. After doing our foundational online course you will have full confidence setting of tables quickly, moving whole tables and text around and more. MS Word tables need not be an obstacle in professionally formatted Word documents.

  • Create an MS Word Table correctly in a fraction of the time, utilizing the quick access toolbar

  • Adjust the rows and columns of your Word tables in just one click with easy to use functions

  • Make your tables spanning across multiple pages easy to navigate with robust headings that stay at the top of the page even if you add more rows

  • Move your MS Word tables between pages, sections or entire documents without losing its formatting or damaging your text

  • Insert text into your table and move it between cells with confidence and no fear of your Word table falling apart


  1. 1
    • Setting the scene

  2. 2
    • Setting up a correct and solid frame for you

  3. 3
    • Moving tables and some troubleshooting tips

  4. 4
    • Repeating heading rows on every page without copy pasting

  5. 5
    • Moving tables within your document and some troubleshooting tips

  6. 6
    • Inserting text and moving it within the table

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What our students have to say...

Practical learning for lawyers

Fiona Canty

"I loved how you brought together the key components that a lawyer should know to work effectively and to be self-sufficient! I can't wait to go back to the team to share what I've learnt and look how we can apply to our existing courses. Thank you very much!"

Practical and easy to follow Word training

Jennifer Butler

"Having completed two of the courses on improving Word skills, I can highly recommend them. The sessions are informative, practical and easy to follow … and if you do miss something (they move along at a pace!), you can refer to their very helpful and well set out handouts."

Highly relevant online training courses

Michael Astle

"The content covered was highly relevant to the legal context and the skills will be welcome, especially when I'm working on long and complex documents."

Meet the expert ...

Bluebird Operations Director and Microsoft Specialist

Leanne Bentley

Leanne's expertise is built on 35 years of legal secretarial experience at some of the largest law firms in Sydney and London, with 25 of those years spent as a Microsoft Word specialist. Now Operations Director of Bluebird Support Services, Leanne uses her expertise and coalface experience in law firms to provide an invaluable extension to firms’ teams through a range of business support services. As an expert of the entire Microsoft Office suite, Leanne makes lawyers’ days less stressful and law firms more profitable. Leanne says “With a little help, lawyers and their secretaries can easily be more efficient and far less stressed. They are always amazed when I show them how very easy it can be when you know how”.

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