Who is this course for?

Finance & Operations, Marketing & BD Professionals - Decision-makers

This MS Excel beginners course is designed to build your skills from the ground up, so you can use spreadsheets for what they were born to do beyond presenting a simple table. Whether it's analysing past performance or preparing a pitch for your next quarter's budget, these easy to learn skills will make you work with numbers more efficiently.
Businessman happy after his successful meeting where he showed budgets and charts

What will you learn?

Microsoft Excel ought to be in the skill set of every professional. From powerful calculations to visualizing data for reporting purposes, the industry standard spreadsheet software can make working with numbers feel like second nature if you can use the basic features without thinking. Master the essentials of Excel and stand out with your numbers driven approach!

  • Navigate Excel with confidence using the ribbon interface

  • Format worksheets and cells to prepare the perfect stage for your later workings making it easy to navigate

  • Perform the most essential mathematical calculations quickly and without headaches regardless of the amount of numbers you have to deal with

  • Use the most important built in functions and Excel formulas

  • Create and edit different types of charts to visualize data and make your presentations more impressive for your audience

  • Build a comprehensive budgeting spreadsheet that you can use in any area of business


  1. 1
    • Overview of what this course is about and meet your instructor

  2. 2
    • Excel terminology

    • Navigating the ribbon interface

    • Excel toolbars

    • The Excel file menu

    • Some tips and tricks

  3. 3
    • Overview

    • Section files

    • Creating, moving and deleting sheets

    • Renaming sheets

    • Copying and moving sheets

    • Worksheet organisation

    • Formatting cells and worksheets

  4. 4
    • Introduction to number formats

    • Section files

    • Different number formats

    • Assigning number formats

    • Number format options

    • Custom number formats

    • Dates in Excel

    • Midway review and exercise

  5. 5
    • Formulas introduction

    • Section files

    • Math calculations

    • Introduction to functions

    • Absolute vs relative references

    • Most commonly used functions

    • Section wrap-up and exercise

  6. 6
    • Charting introduction

    • Section files

    • Do you need to use a chart?

    • Anatomy of a chart

    • Chart types

    • Creating a column chart

    • Creating a line chart

    • Creating a bar chart

    • Creating a pie chart and section wrap-up

  7. 7
    • Project introduction

    • Section files

    • A look at what we will be making

    • Creating the data section

    • Building the overview section

    • Creating the chart and conditional formatting

  8. 8
    • Final wrap-up

    • Your feedback matters!

What your peers thought about this course ...

Great, hands-on course!

C Obiako

"The course was filled with exercises that will keep you learning as it progresses. This makes it difficult to forget what you learnt. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you Ab. I can find my way round excel easily now."

Made work much easier

Priti Sidapra

"This course is really helpful with my everyday tasks at work. Being an Excel novice It always took me forever to work things out but this course has made me excel at Excel! Thanks for offering this handy guide! Highly recommend it!"

Impressive how easy it is!

A Vathsa

"The course has been a real help in understanding the functions and getting around the basic fundamentals. I'm very impressed by how easy it to acquire the knowledge from the lessons provided, Much insight has been shared, which I see being very useful in the near future."

How long is it going to take?

This free excel tutorial runs for 3 hours in total, for easy progress, the modules will take no more than 10 minutes each, so you can choose a suitable date and time and fit learning how to use Excel around your other commitments.

Meet the expert ...


Abhijat Saraswat

Abhijat Saraswat is a technologist with a particular interest in LegalTech. Ab has over a decade of experience working with some of the largest brands and firms across various sectors. He is a frequent speaker, author, and the host of the popular Fringe Legal podcast. Ab is a Barrister (non-practicing), and currently works for a leading legal technology company based in Chicago.