What will you learn?

This course will empower you to save significant professional hours every day by showing you the most essential best practice skills needed to make your templates do the rigorous formatting process. Produce consistently accurate and well-formatted legal documents by using house style templates in Microsoft Word. Do it once and do it well by understanding how the world’s leading law firms use best practice principles to provide high quality documents for their clients.

  • Save hours of non-chargeable time by turning Microsoft Word into a legal software using house style templates

  • Produce consistent, branded legal documents to enhance the reputation of your firm

  • Get the numbering right every time by understanding how it works in specific sections of your legal documents

  • Feel confident that the documents you send will never have unaligned paragraphs and non-sequential numbering

  • Understand the simple rules of a house style template and experience first-hand how it can eliminate stress and working late into the evening

Who is this course for?

Lawyers - Secretaries - Document specialists - Paralegals

This course was designed for legal professionals and their teams to reflect the specific and detailed requirements of legal document drafting and amendment. We will show you how anyone can learn to address the most common issues experienced in Microsoft Word simply by adopting Best Practice principles and skills and incorporate this knowledge for when you update your legal templates.
Legal secretary learning how to use house style templates correctly

How long is it going to take?

This is a 30 minute course divided up into short modules for easy progress and review.


  1. 1
    • Overview of takeaways from the skill set

  2. 2
  3. 3
    • Understanding house style templates

    • House style templates in practice

  4. 4
    • Recap of the skills covered

    • Handout with key takeaways and tips

Learn the full skill set

Our comprehensive course trio will equip you to self-sufficiently manage legal documents by adopting best practice skills in Microsoft Word. The world’s leading law firms follow best practice to ensure consistency and accuracy of documents throughout any legal matter, regardless of size and complexity.

Meet the expert ...

Bluebird Operations Director and Microsoft Specialist

Leanne Bentley

Leanne's expertise is built on 35 years of legal secretarial experience at some of the largest law firms in Sydney and London, with 25 of those years spent as a Microsoft Word specialist. Now Operations Director of Bluebird Support Services, Leanne uses her expertise and coalface experience in law firms to provide an invaluable extension to firms’ teams through a range of business support services. As an expert of the entire Microsoft Office suite, Leanne makes lawyers’ days less stressful and law firms more profitable. Leanne says “With a little help, lawyers and their secretaries can easily be more efficient and far less stressed. They are always amazed when I show them how very easy it can be when you know how”.