PCLaw | Time Matters™, legal software solutions provider to over 130,000 legal professionals worldwide, and Novum Learning, the microlearning platform for professional growth, formalise their partnership.

With their shared mission to increase learning opportunities for law firms, the partnership will see the clients of PCLaw | Time Matters with special access to the courses of Novum Learning. Courses cover all areas of business as well as open avenues for firms to learn more about the PCLaw® and Time Matters® technologies in-depth.

“At PCLaw | Time Matters, we believe that offering ongoing learning is important for employee engagement. By employing great people and providing them the best tools to do their job, law firms can be very enjoyable places to work. Ongoing learning can help increase happiness, efficiency, and ultimately, profitability. We are pleased to partner with Novum Learning to provide our users with additional resources to help run their law firms.” commented Chris Stock, CEO of PCLaw | Time Matters.

The commitment of PCLaw | Time Matters to the success of the legal industry is further testified by their creation of new educational courses to the sector at large. Shaun Locke, CEO of Novum Learning explains: “What we love about this partnership is that we are both invested in advancing our clients’ successes and recognise the holistic benefits of personnel upskilling. With this joint initiative, professionals have the opportunity to accelerate their career growth through knowledge gained from industry and subject-matter experts. To further support professionals, we have also extended access to a key PCLaw | Time Matters course, Tips to bill more hours with Time Matters, previously exclusive to clients.”

For further information about this partnership please contact:

Charlotte Takacs

CMO, Novum Learning, 

[email protected]


Mike Zellmer 

VP of Marketing, PCLaw | TimeMatters

[email protected]