Top LinkedIn strategies for lawyers that deliver real results

LinkedIn, today’s largest social networking site for professionals, is the best avenue for lawyers to obtain clients and grow networks. Like other social platforms, however, the competition is fierce. You need to up your game and stand out from the competition.

Improve your current position in the legal industry through LinkedIn. Find the best marketing strategies that will help you within this blog article.

7 marketing tips and strategies for lawyers on LinkedIn

As a lawyer or a legal professional, you’re probably wondering why LinkedIn has become a huge platform and how you can leverage this platform to your advantage. You’ll find the answers on this list of Linkedin strategies and tips for lawyers marketing themselves online.

Make your LinkedIn profile visuals stand out

Your LinkedIn profile makes the first impression—not your detailed resume that your connections can view later. It’s your profile that needs to catch their attention. To make it stand out, improve your introduction or heading, pay attention to all the visuals, upload a professional-looking and high-resolution profile and cover photos, and add some multimedia attachments. Ensure that all information, attachments, and photographs on your profile are cohesive and organized.

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Write an effective summary for your ‘About’ section

After skimming your LinkedIn profile, clients, connections, and other visitors will look at your About or summary section to get to know you more. This is your chance to make a second impression that can encourage them to connect and initiate business with you. 

To write an effective summary, start with a killer first sentence. Use some keywords related to your legal industry as you introduce yourself and your professional background. Don’t forget to mention your technical and soft skills. Then, explain your present role, affiliations, or projects and connect them to your relevant past experiences.

Highlight your education, achievements, and affiliations 

Your past experiences and present roles make up your entire professional bio as a lawyer. As such, one of the best LinkedIn strategies for lawyers is highlighting all these factors. Explain all of them with summarized statements, and relate their significance, impact on your current position.

Market all your legal and personal skill sets

Offer your potential clients and connections a meaningful lens into your capabilities as a lawyer, including both the technical and personal aspects. You can highlight your legal research skills, legal writing skills, knowledge of legal innovation, oral and written communication skills, and more. Include at least three fields of expertise. For your personal skill sets, one of the best strategies is to focus on your various client-service skills.

Seek endorsements and recommendations

Recommendations and endorsements are as important as your professional skills and background. They are the factors that can prove your credibility and professionalism, so make sure to include them on your LinkedIn profile. You can seek recommendations and endorsements from colleagues, former bosses or professors, and past or current clients.

Complete all profile information

As much as possible, don’t leave any LinkedIn section blank. This is one of the most overlooked yet effective LinkedIn strategies for lawyers. Don’t forget the basics—headline, summary, profile, photos, and contact information. Give your potential clients and connections an easy way to reach out to you.

Be an active LinkedIn user 

If you want your connections to grow and attract more clients, be active on LinkedIn by regularly updating your profile, posting relevant and professional content, and interacting with your connections. These LinkedIn strategies will improve your visibility locally and globally.

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