Optimize your LinkedIn profile for growth

Partners - Lawyers - Practice Managers - Marketing & BD professionals

This course is targeted at all professionals who would like to grow their network connections, boost their professional resumes, and attract business opportunities through LinkedIn, the biggest social media platform for professionals today. The best way to do all the aforementioned is to learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and maximise the usage of your digital content.

Your LinkedIn profile contains the summary of all your educational background, professional and personal achievements, interpersonal and technical skills, and business affiliations. It’s a comprehensive representation of you as a professional, so you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile to distinguish yourself from others. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to make a great first impression through your LinkedIn profile to clients and other professionals related to your field.

Maximize opportunities through LinkedIn optimization

Gain a competitive advantage by optimizing your LinkedIn profile to drive new business and professional networking opportunities from your presence on LinkedIn. This special edition course lets you step into legal industry authority Ari Kaplan's Lawcountability programme. From how to construct your profile to some of the most powerful content amplifying techniques, you will learn to maximise impact with minimal effort invested.

  • Learn the subtleties of how to refresh and optimize your LinkedIn profile to create new opportunities for reconnecting with your clients and associated network

  • Learn the practical ways in creating new leads by repurposing your digital content for LinkedIn optimization and re-engagement with your social media network

  • Make the most of LinkedIn groups by learning how to turn it into an engine to meaningfully connect with your extended network

  • Obtain access to the "10 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies to Empower Your Networking" and use it as a guide to optimize your LinkedIn profile, get new connections, and establish and maintain a consistent presence on the ultimate professional social media platform


  1. 1
    • Refresh your LinkedIn bio

  2. 2
    • Republish your content on LinkedIn

  3. 3
    • LinkedIn group secrets revealed

  4. 4
    • 10 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies

Succinct, substantive, scheduled business development tips

Laura Rogora, Former Professional Development and Inclusion Manager, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. (Kansas City, MO)

Succinct, substantive, scheduled business development tips – that’s Lawcountability®. It is helping our attorneys hone their business development skills through a very doable weekly 10-minute webinar. It also encourages them to translate what they learn into action by describing concrete, actionable next steps that can be tracked and measured in the weeks ahead. With its added elements of gamification and accountability, Lawcountability® is a cost-effective, technologically easy way to give all of our attorneys foundational business development skills and practices.

Meet the expert...

Opportunity Maker

Ari Kaplan

Ari Kaplan, an attorney and legal industry analyst, is an inaugural Fastcase 50 honoree, a fellow of the College of Law Practice Management, and a finalist for ILTA’s Thought Leader of the Year award. He is the author of Reinventing Professional Services: Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace (Wiley, 2011) and The Opportunity Maker: Strategies for Inspiring Your Legal Career Through Creative Networking and Business Development (West Academic, 2nd Ed. 2016). Kaplan serves as the principal researcher for a variety of widely distributed benchmarking reports, hosts the Virtual Lunch daily on Zoom, has been the keynote speaker for events worldwide, and is the founder of the Lawcountability® business development software platform and iPhone app. He is an avid swimmer, a self-taught, struggling, but hopeful, python coder, and a two-time Ironman triathlon finisher.