Winning new referrals and clients on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn lead generation course is designed for all types of legal professionals and law firms looking for new clients through LinkedIn. Legal professionals face many challenges, but one of the most common problems that can make or break their careers is the stream of clients they’re engaging.

Legal professionals typically gain new clients through word of mouth or direct referrals—all based on their credentials. It’s time to up the ante and take advantage of technology and the social network.  By taking this LinkedIn lead generation course and learning all its modules by heart, you’ll learn how to professionally utilize LinkedIn as a lead generation tool to attract more clients and to grow your network.

Course for Law firm personnel

Lawyers - Partners - Legal Support Personnel

This course is targeted at legal professionals who want to reach greater heights through their networks and connections. Regardless of the size and expertise of your law firm, this course will show you how to drive clients to your services while also improving your professional profile through LinkedIn lead generation. Professional profiles are a vital element of supporting active lawyers in practice, building LinkedIn referral networks contributes to a successful law firm.
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LinkedIn lead generation

This course empowers legal professionals and law firms to build a new base of high-quality referral agents or clients through LinkedIn, the largest social network site for professionals. Here, you’ll gain the necessary skills and experience to exponentially increase your reach and generate a continuous flow of new business opportunities through lead generation. Learn how to connect as a true professional and grow your success in LinkedIn today! Jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation journey with our streamlined and semi-automated process.

  • Generate a significant amount of new business opportunities with effective LinkedIn client generation strategies

  • Exponentially increase your LinkedIn referral territories without compromising your reputation

  • Take advantage of your support team's capabilities to generate opportunities and LinkedIn referrals for you firm

  • Engage up to 500 people in your target audience in a streamlined LinkedIn client generation approach

  • Transform your connections' perception about you, so they are ready to refer you business or become your client in light of your expertise


  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • Defining goals and how to measure success

    • Identifying the right, high quality audience you wish to reach and preparing your “Captivating One-liner”

    • Right invites to the right connections with the right message

    • Speed up and simplify the process using a secret method and learn what to do when people start responding

    • Convert conversations into appointments

    • Get your step-by-step guide

Practice makes perfect ...

  • Get it spot on with our downloadable guide

    Our step-by-step guide will ensure that you successfully step on the journey of building your credibility in the eyes of a wider target audience and have all the essentials in place to win new legal business.

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With two bronze medals at the Kung-Fu World Championships in China, Cundill’s 25 years of experience, spanning the business, technology and marketing worlds coupled with his very bold opinions, has made its mark in local media and speaker circuits. He has appeared on TV countless times, done a TED Talk and has written dozens of articles. He is also a published author, including “The Captivating One-liner” and is currently the CEO of