Novum Learning teams up with LTC4 to provide continuing tech learning for lawyers

Microlearning course provider, Novum Learning is delighted to announce its alliance with LTC4 (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition), an established non-profit organization providing core competency learning plans and a certification program that has become established as a standard for the legal industry around the world.

The alliance will help to address the on-going requirement for lawyers and their support staff to improve technology skills through the delivery of high-quality microlearning courses structured around LTC4’s workflow-based Learning Plans. These courses will address skill gaps around technology usage leading to productivity gains as well as offering the benefit of LTC4 Certification for aspiring professionals within the legal profession.

LTC4’s nine Learning Plans are based on real-life scenarios and include Working with Legal Documents; Managing Documents & Emails; Time Recording; Remote Working and Security Awareness. They are “application-agnostic” and are therefore relevant regardless of the software in use.

Joint initiative objectives

Within a competitive legal services industry environment, the primary objective of this joint initiative is to promote operational efficiencies and raise standards. It will offer access to quality learning outcomes for small to medium sized law firms and individuals across the world.

“Tens of thousands of smaller firms and individuals do not have the same resources as the large law firms. However, there is still a requirement within the legal services industry for personnel to upskill, particularly within ever-changing technology and the evolving demands of law firm clients,” stated Bonnie Beuth, Chair of LTC4.

“In conjunction with raising standards and driving productivity, this initiative will be a mechanism providing learning pathways for legal professionals embarking on career progression,” stated Shaun Locke, CEO of Novum Learning.

“Novum Learning and LTC4 will deliver outcomes for lawyers who need to adapt to an ever-changing, ever-demanding digital world. Through this initiative, both organizations aim to address knowledge gaps and provide professionals with Certification of competence on the core technology skills needed within the profession,” added Bonnie Beuth, Chair of LTC4.

Initiative based outcomes

Courtesy of the alliance, Novum Learning and LTC4 will extend their reach to lawyers and law firms who want to adopt industry-standard continuing legal education using an efficient, cost- effective, and accessible eLearning approach.

As per the World Economic Forum research which stated that on average, students retain 25-60% more when learning online compared to a classroom environment. This is mainly due to the students learning faster online; e-learning requires 40-60% less time than in a traditional setting due to students learning at their own pace and accelerating through concepts and content they are familiar with. When you consider these findings and introduce LTC4’s quality framework within the mix, then the results will be outstanding,” stated Shaun Locke, CEO of Novum Learning.

Other benefits for law firms

Aside from the collaborative project, the partnership will also deliver other accessible learning content for the legal profession. Novum Learning’s business of law microlearning courses are available for LTC4’s network as they will obtain preferential access to Novum’s courses. Novum Learning offers free and paid courses delivered by global industry and subject matter experts. These are focused on the business of law, practice improvement, soft skills, career advancement, and technology skills for attorneys and their support specialists. Novum’s premium courses include detailed modules, practical assessments, and supporting content for career development.

About Novum Learning and LCT4

Novum Learning is a recently established microlearning platform that offers accessible and affordable microlearning courses for professional service firms and supporting industry sectors. Their courses are specifically designed to address the knowledge and skill gaps of lawyers, legal professionals, and business leaders by sharing knowledge of global experts.

LTC4 launched in 2010 when a group of legal professionals from the US, UK, and Canada met to address fundamental skills gaps by first identifying internationally accepted workflows. These volunteers, comprised of lawyers, legal technology trainers and IT specialists, used their extensive experience to develop a set of legal technology core competencies. The resulting LTC4 Core Competency Learning Plans and Certification program has become the industry standard and the foundation for technology training in law firms, legal departments, law schools, and legal non-profits.

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