Hear from an exceptional leader about his take on what culture means in business and what daily actions will empower you to cultivate a growth mindset to build a high performing team.

What will you learn?

This interview will explore the importance of culture in an organisation and how leaders can foster a growth mindset within their teams to drive performance and results.

  • Understand the culture within your organisation and how to influence for improved performance

  • Improve the dynamics between teams and leaders to achieve alignmeent growth

  • Foster the remote workplace culture for employee engagement and performance improvements

  • Implement daily approaches for developing team unity and overall growth mindset

How long will it take?

This is a 30-minute interview that was recorded as a continuous piece but to support you in managing your time, it has been broken into 3-4 minute segments, so you can take in one idea at a time.

Who is this course for?

Business leaders

This interview will spark business leaders' thoughts relating to the importance of culture and how to build one that inspires teams to succeed. Mike McKell has a robust commercial and business development background and shares his insights about the topic, which have brought him and his team's measurable success.
Sales leader learning from a laptop


  1. 1
    • Introducing the webcast

    • Your growth is our mission

    • What does the culture of success look like?

    • What does remote working mean for cultures?

    • How can you build a growth culture?

    • Daily activities that bring a growth mindset to life

    • Approach to creating continuous motivation

    • The individual in the team dynamic

    • The position of a leader within a team

    • The thing all leaders should remember

    • Finding a fit between people and cultures

    • The unifying thought in a diverse team

Insights from ...

Sales leader

Michael McKell

Michael McKell has been renowned as a sales transformation and revenue generation turnaround specialist with a history of leading teams that delivered $150M in revenue. Mike's expertise range from growing SaaS businesses in professional services from SMB to enterprise as well as scaling startups.