Strip out the complexity from strategy and see it as a battle plan to overcome the biggest challenges any business could face. Gain full control over where your business is headed and shorten your march to success by aligning every business aspect to a plan narrowed down to a page.

What will you learn?

  • Align every aspect of your business with the overarching corporate strategy

  • Optimise your resources invested to achieve your desired outcomes

  • Uncover the sources of obstacles that prevent your business growth

  • Understand the role of business activities and their influence on the overall dynamics

Who is this course for?

Leaders - Strategists - Operations professionals

This course has been designed to give you a solid understanding of how different aspects of a business contribute to achievements. If you are in a decison-making position in any capacity, this course will help you see the business ecosystem crystal clearly.
March to success as a strategic leader

How long is it going to take?

This is a 45 minute course delivered in short sections, each of which presents a single idea. The individual sections are all under 10 minutes, giving you true flexibility to fit learning around your schedule.


  1. 1
    • 5 questions that a strategy on a page answers

    • Before you dive into the details ...

  2. 2
    • Understanding responsibility as a part of strategy

    • Vision and values

    • Right people, right roles, right lanes

  3. 3
    • What accountability means in a strategy

    • Data and learning

    • Issues and resolution

  4. 4
    • Dependability in a strategy

    • Process

    • Execution

  5. 5
    • Make the strategy a part of culture

    • Strategy on a page scorecard

    • From feedback we grow!

Practice makes perfect ...

  • Get it on a page with our scorecard

    Knowledge makes a true difference when you put it into practice. To help you be the difference-maker in your organisation, we have put together a scorecard that you can use as a tool to see whether you can fit your strategy on a page.

Meet the expert ...

Sales leader

Michael McKell

Michael McKell has been renowned as a sales transformation and revenue generation turnaround specialist with a history of leading teams that delivered $150M in revenue. Mike's expertise range from growing SaaS businesses in professional services from SMB to enterprise as well as scaling startups.

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