Develop an effective professional services marketing strategy

Professional services firms - LegalTech, FinTech & AccountingTech

Marketing can at times be blamed for polarizing the professional services playground. Think Marmite – you either love it or hate it – but for many, you know you have got to at least give it a go and chase after its potential returns.

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, if done right, the value that Marketing will bring to a firm can be phenomenal. One of the proof points is that over the years, Marketing has become a well-respected player at the C-Suite table whose voice matters just as much as the fellow CTO, CFO, CRO and the rest. 

From law firms to legal techs or fin techs organisations, when you consider the ever-changing landscapes that you serve in, it can be daunting to know how to develop a competitive edge that keeps you elevated as a go-to brand. Because our macro and micro environments are constantly evolving, they are forever testing us, keeping us on our toes, pushing us to our limits – encouraging (forcing), us to go to market with smart and targeted marketing. This can feel like a tough run to the finish line. 

And it is not just our environment we need to keep track of. From marketing tools, marketing research and data analytics to performance metrics and a myriad of channels and formats, we are under pressure to story-tell in a powerful way that will resonate with our target markets and to support clients’ purchasing decisions.

Learn how to "own" your marketing efforts

Raise the bar by being more accountable and profitable

  • Drill down your marketing messaging framework so you can utilize the tools and tactics with their ROI in mind

    You will learn how to begin working on your foundational statement and ensure that they seep into all touchpoints so that your communication is consistent and delivers the same value to your target audience. You will develop powerful positioning statements from mission and vision to value propositions and through competitive analysis declare your unique selling propositions.

  • Create a strategy for each key marketing channel and align them for a great customer experience that meets your business goals

    From social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content, blog posts, events to press and video you will know what each channel can bring to the table and how they can be synchronized to achieve your targets. Start building your startegies in line with your brand's archetype to turn your name into the go-to powerhouse that resonates with your audience on a deeper level.

  • Measure successes and failures with confidence using the appropriate metrics, so you can make better informed decisions

    Resources both when it comes to time and marketing budgets are limited, and knowing where to put your efforts is among the greatest differentiators of a respected marketer in the C-Suite. After these sessions, you will know exactly how to plan the financial and operational execution of your activities and the metrics that you can use to present the value of your work at a board meeting.


  1. 2
    • SWOT, PEST and competitive landscape

  2. 3
    • Marketing strategy on a page

  3. 4
    • Messaging framework

    • Segments and personas

  4. 5
    • Database, brand, digital and video, content and press

    • Return on investment measures

    • Budgeting and operational rhythm

  5. 6
    • Summary of previous modules

    • Practical examples of strong positioning statements

  6. 7
    • Archetypes

  7. 8
    • Defining "good"

  8. 9
    • SEO and analytics

    • Website strategy - a StoryBrand approach

    • Content and thought leadership

    • PR

    • Events

    • Video marketing

  9. 10
    • Circle back to what counts

    • Course summary

Key takeaway strategies, tools and techniques for professional services marketing

Building a successful marketing strategy for professional services firms with well-thought out marketing materials are essential in creating the foundations for a sound and targeted marketing plan.

  • Understand the marketing maze and the essentials that need to be addressed in the marketing playground to stay relevant amid the competitive conditions

  • Cultivate your positioning statement and messaging framework so you can effortlessly let your target audience know who you are, why you are and why they should care

  • Address key marketing message challenges and explore valuable information on how to translate it into powerful and results-driven communications across all your channels

  • Increased leads and start more fruitful conversations with your targets to drive sales that equate to profit and business growth

  • Decipher your brand archetype and understand its impact and how it creates resonance with your target audience

  • Discover the standalone benefits of different marketing channels and how they can deliver business results when synchronized

  • Use appropriate measures of success and failure to inform turue decision-making and better manage budgets and timelines

Some questions you might be thinking about ...

  • Do I have to have marketing knowledge to take this course?

    This session is appropriate for anyone in the C-Suite or aspiring to join the big table. Whilst the concepts are explained in an easy-to-digest and understandable manner, you will benefit most from this session if you actively practice marketing or want to start thinking seriously about it. Enroll in the free preview and see how you like it!

  • Is this still appropriate if I work in a different type of organisation?

    Absolutely! One of the things that these industries share in common is complexity and high risk, meaning that they have a lot at stake when it comes to marketing, so being thorough is non-negotiable for them. But if these modules can equip you for this complexity, they will work for you in any and every industry and size of company.

Meet our global expert ...

CMO @ Equifax Sydney & Marketing Consultant Coach

Roni Millard

With 25 years marketing and sales experience, across both B2B & B2C industries, Roni’s energetic and charismatic leadership contributes towards her being an extremely ambitious and extremely results focused executive. With the last 10 years mainly servicing the legal sectors, Roni possesses incredibly strong leadership skills that have allowed her to build, nurture and develop harmonious teams that deliver business strategy and go-to-market plans that more often than not, over exceed set targets. A true passion for her, Roni considers Marketing to be the beating heart of any organisation. If managed well and integrated seamlessly with fellow business functions, there is no stopping how and powerful and profitable a well-developed marketing strategy can be. Having made CMO Top50 in 2017, Roni believes great marketing comes as a result of united teams, alignment at the executive level, powerful positioning statements that offer a compelling story for the clients to resonate with and a culture that seeks to put the client at the heart of every decision made. Roni studied politics and modern history and marketing in England followed by a diploma in both marketing and teaching English as a foreign language. With a desire to experience life upside down, Roni moved to Australia with her family and has since enjoyed every moment of sun and sand. When she’s not enjoying family/friends, she loves taking part in anything that pushes her outside of her comfort zone. This has included walking 60km for charity which took her and her husband 15 hours straight, trekking Mount Kosciuszko carrying a 30kilo backpack or throwing herself in ice cold baths and rivers.