Negotiation phases unraveled

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For effective negotiations there are rules to follow, a process to take and negotiation strategies to consider.

This course is for those looking to problem solve their current ways in traversing the negotiation process.  

Once you have taken Alan McCarthy's 10 golden rules of negotiation course, you will be ready to consolidate your approaches to negotiation by learning how to navigate the five distinct stages of the negotiation process for success!

Sharpen your negotiation skills

Successful negotiations are dynamic processes that happen in five distinct phases. Understanding in-depth the significance of these phases is vital to effectively applying the golden rules of negotiation and maximizing your chances of driving the discussions to a highly valuable "win-win" outcome for the parties involved. Be that for a professional or personal scenario, your sharpness in a negotiation is the key to everyone leaving the bargaining table with a favourable outcome.

  • Achieve favourable win-win outcomes by consciously and appropriately progressing through the five phases of negotiation

  • Improve the quality of your professional relationships by strategically planning interactions and progressing in line with your target outcomes

  • Maximize your chances of a deal closest to your ideal by sharpening your skills to disclose the right pieces of information at the appropriate time

  • There are different types of negotiation, apply your knowledge of the five phases for dispute resolution purposes


  1. 1
    • Plan

  2. 2
    • Discuss

  3. 3
    • Propose

  4. 4
    • Trade

  5. 5
    • Confirm

"I come from a hostage negotiation background and having worked with Alan in multiple instances I can confidently say that the principles he’s teaching for professionals are principles I applied when lives were at stake."

KT, GM Police Hostage and Kidnap Negotiator

“These skills from business and diplomatic negotiations, can be used in real-life and make a real difference in day-to-day conflict resolution”

SH, Santander

“Lessons learnt from a Master: don’t negotiate unless you need to. Listen intently and make value-based decisions”

BB, Microsoft

"If you put Alan in a tank with a Great White shark, it wouldn’t last two minutes in the negotiation"


Meet the expert ...

Master Negotiator, Managing Director

Alan McCarthy

Alan McCarthy founded the Resource Development Centre in 1987 and began training, developing and consulting in sales-related subjects: Relationship Selling; Negotiating; Target Account Management; and Sales Team Direction. For the past 15 years, Alan has focused on training, developing and coaching experienced sales teams and their executives. He has conducted over 530 assignments in 30 countries plus 20 of the American states. Alan excels in his chosen field and continues to deliver successful programmes to a wide variety of clients including Microsoft, Oracle, BT and Siemens plus a large number of smaller organisations spanning a variety of industries. Clients have also used The RDC’s techniques outside the business environment altogether – in such areas as international diplomatic services. Alan has a refreshingly realistic style of delivery and his wide range of training material is firmly based on experience to encourage the development of pragmatic skills. His unique style and experiences in competitive selling strategies for high-value sales propositions have resulted in his clients winning hundreds of millions of dollars of business, in highly competitive arenas.