Be inspired by the career development of a young legal tech CEO

Learn how to plan your career growth to reach the C-suite!

Probably the peak of the career development of any professional is making it to the top as CEO, but only a few seats are open at that level and the competition for them is fierce. It takes a conscious professional development plan and dedication to a career goal to make it. Taylah Allen’s story about rising to become the CEO of a legal tech company is no exception. Her story is in fact the perfect testimony that growth ceilings of career growth are made to be broken by talent, motivation and a drive to help an industry. 

As a young woman, Taylah stood behind the grill as a full-time chef until a mental turning point made her go out of her comfort zone and into the world of legal tech with one mission: help others succeed. The rest of her career growth is history in the making. 

Learn how to plan your career development journey and be inspired by those who have been there and done it

As a young female legal tech CEO Taylah Allen broke down all perceived career development barriers only to shake grounds in the world of law and technology. With eyes on the prize and continuous career management her journey tells a hard to match story about how struggles can be overcome, opportunities can be found and career growth can be fast tracked with the right motivation and inner drive.

  • Hear how Taylah found her calling and how your passion and purpose in your career development might come from where you least expect it

  • Find out where the most driven, aspiring CEOs look for motivation and learning opportunities to rapidly rise in their career growth

  • Step behind the scenes and find out more about the personal skills and characteristics that make a true leader in a legal tech business

  • Uncover your career motivation by learning about the drivers of a leader in legal tech and how the end goal can help you through struggles or sacrifices

  • Take away practical career planning and growth tips from a professional who made it to CEO within 5 years of being in the corporate world

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  1. 1
    • The beginnings and motivators

    • Taylah's story

  2. 2
    • The drive behind the ambition

    • Waking up to feel uncomfortable

    • Sacrifices and why they can be worth it

    • The importance of cultural differences and personality

    • Advice to the girl behind the grill

  3. 3
    • Making the move into tech

    • Get noticed through your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn

    • Secret sauce of sales success

    • 3 game-changer activities to sell

    • Zoom call 101

  4. 4
    • The founding mission

    • Stepping into the culture of triSearch

Accelerate your career growth in technology

Learn from the journey of others

Build your career development plan on tangible insights

  • Step behind the scenes and hear what it really takes to rise to the C-suite of a legal tech business from a drastically different background

  • Broaden your perspective about the opportunities at your fingertips that might be more achievable than you think

  • Inspire your own journey by the learnings of a leader who continuously built her career up through determination

What it feels like to work with an inspiring leader ...

Fun and fast-paced

Lauren Cunningham, Senior Business Development Manager, triSearch

triSearch is both fun and fast-paced. Taylah is amazing to work with and has always been supportive of my goals and career aspirations.

Great people and culture

Neethin Thottan, Business Development Manager, triSearch

At triSearch I’m surrounded by great people and a great culture. At the heart of that is CEO Taylah Allen who is an amazing leader and mentor. I love being a part of the positive and hard-working environment she has created.

Genuine pride in what we do

Ebony Hudson, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, trisearch

Since day one I was welcomed into triSearch with open arms and straight away felt like a valued team member. It is so rewarding to be part of a driven and fun-filled team, who take pride in all aspects of work.

Meet the experts ...

CEO of triSearch

Taylah Allen

With over 10 years’ experience in legal tech, Taylah Allen started her career at an industry-leading firm. It was here that Taylah identified a potential gap in the market whereby a quality product could be offered at a more affordable price point. And thus triSearch was born. Since its inception, Taylah has led triSearch with passion, knowledge and drive. She works hard to ensure her team and clients get the best possible experience from triSearch. Taylah is someone who prides herself on leading from the front, constantly teaching and coaching those around her. When she’s not working, Taylah can usually be seen with friends, family, or her dog Scruffy.

Angel Investor and Director

David Woolstencroft

David’s name has become synonymous with growth through his career of helping people expand their businesses and finding careers for hundreds of professionals. Having recognised that education is a change enabler, David joins our team to take his passion for creating opportunities a step further by advising Novum Learning on the sources of valuable knowledge on the market that will create a true difference in the life of professionals.

Connect with Taylah

Whether it's to talk more about her journey or to see more of her daily professional life, follow Taylah on LinkedIn.

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