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Are you truly ready for the future if you are yet to discover the opportunities and challenges of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies? This non-technical course will give you a solid understanding of the fundamental dynamics of the blockchain network and digital currency landscape. See and step on the road to better predict what will influence supply chains, industry, investment in cryptocurrency, financial institutions, central authorities, and the general public in the future.

  • Advance your knowledge by learning the fundamentals of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies

  • Future-proof your business offerings by incorporating your knowledge of the "what, how, why" and the possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency

  • Unpack what the future of the corporate and legal world will look like, reshaped by traditional contracts, smart contracts and more

  • Understand emerging blockchain technologies' stability, liquidity, utility and governance

  • Gain perspective of the different future coins, "people, corporate and government" and prepare for the future impact


  1. 1
    • Course Overview

  2. 2
    • What are blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies

  3. 3
    • Cryptocurrency coins, tokens and the evolution of blockchain technology

  4. 4
    • Back to basics

  5. 5
    • Beyond the "hazard phase of knowledge"

  6. 6
    • What is the promise of this technology...

  7. 7
    • Blockchain startups and the future

  8. 8
    • Smart contracts and DAO

  9. 9
    • Possible use cases of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies

  10. 10
    • Blockchain technology readiness for implementation of use cases?

  11. 11
    • Decentralized infrastructure

  12. 12
    • Coins of two realms

  13. 13
    • Decentralized jurisdiction and underwriting

  14. 14
    • Future contact with Wulf

"Dr. Wulf Kaal is a leading technologist in the field of digital assets. I am not aware of anyone who has published more on digital assets than Wulf. Lawyers who take Wulf's course on the Novum Learning platform will learn from the first-rate mind in the field with cutting edge content that helps them position themselves for the future of their legal practice."

Gordon Einstein, Founding Partner at CryptoLaw Partners

Meet the expert...


Wulf Kaal

Dr. Wulf A. Kaal is a professor at the University of St. Thomas, School of Law and Director of the Private Investment Fund Institute (PIFI). Professor Kaal is a leading expert at the intersection of law, business, and emerging technology. His research focuses on innovation, emerging technology applications, digital assets, smart contracts, technology strategy, crypto-economics, institutional governance design, economic theory of regulation, dynamic regulatory methods, decentralized infrastructure products, and private investment funds. Before entering the academy, Prof. Kaal was associated with Cravath, Swain & Moore LLP, in New York, and Goldman Sachs in London, UK. Professor Kaal is the most widely published proponent of blockchain innovation in law and corporate governance, its dynamic regulation and regulatory applications. He has written over 100 articles and several books in the context of private investment fund regulation and regulatory and industry landscape in the cryptocurrency and blockchain context. He is regarded as the leading scholar on the subject matter by a number of publications and is listed by the social science research network (SSRN) in the top 10% of scholars by total downloads in 2017, 2018, and 2019. In addition to his academic research and recognition in the field, Professor Kaal is also one of the very few academics in the world with practical hands-on experience in the digital asset industry. Prof. Kaal advises international policymakers, central banks, digital asset exchanges, conglomerates, medium to large enterprises, law firms, start-ups, non-profits, decentralized autonomous organizations, and venture capital funds in the US, Asia, and Europe on emerging technology solutions, governance, and digital assets. As an expert witness, business consultant, adviser, and mentor, Prof. Kaal has advised leading (by market capitalization) cryptocurrency projects.