Legal data analytics

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What will you learn?

Data and metrics can be extraordinarily powerful in shaping an in-house legal team, providing it with critical information about the work it does, its clients and the most efficient and effective resourcing required. Despite the misconception, data analytics need not be overwhelming if legal departments take consciously planned, simple steps to collect, collate and leverage data to inform decision making about resourcing and prioritization of work. Harness this power today!

  • Why data analytics is important for your in-house legal team and legal operations

  • Key data points that will inform your decision making

  • How you can easily collect information throughout your workflow

  • How to analyse and collate data so that it tells a story about your organisation

  • How to communicate your data to the appropriate audience

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    • The reasons why it's essential to be a part of your routine

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    • Focus on what matters

  4. 4
    • Different ways to capture meaningful data

  5. 5
    • Find the meaning behind the numbers and communicate it persuasively

  6. 6
    • Hear from Richard Conway at Coca Cola Amatil how data changed the way they work

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    • A plan, custom fit for you

Practice makes perfect ...

  • Exclusive interview with Coca Cola Amatil's Richard Conway

    Hear how Coca Cola Amatil started its data analytics journey following the same approach that you will learn in this course and how it changed the way they work every day.

  • YOUR personalized plan to get started with legal data analytics

    Informed by the learning content, you will actively think about your unique situation using our interactive questionnaire which by the end of the course will give you a robust action plan.

Meet the expert ...

Innovator, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Xakia Technologies

Jodie Baker

Jodie Baker is an innovator, entrepreneur and business builder, and one of Australia’s leading advocates of LegalTech. Jodie is the Founder and CEO of Xakia Technologies, Founding Member and President of the Australian Legal Technology Association, sits on the Victorian Chapter Board for the College of Law and was previously co-chair of the Advisory Board to the Centre for Legal Innovation. Jodie has a background as an in-house lawyer and financial analyst and was the architect, founder and MD of Hive Legal.