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What will you learn?

A client-centric approach in professional services is vital to success as the complexity of these professions sit at the heart of difficulties in winning or keeping business. By following a set of simple yet powerful principles, professionals can easily make this approach a part of their day to day work and enjoy the benefits of educated, satisfied and engaged clients. This course will take you through the techniques everyone is professional services should live and breath from initial interactions through pricing all the way to working with the client.

  • Increase your opportunities to win new business by becoming the first one top of mind for a specific subject matter

  • Maximize your reach of ideal clients by mastering 4 simple and cost effective communication routes

  • Effortlessly and quickly identify the source of client concerns, so you have a clear idea how to aid them

  • Enhance the respect your client has for you by adding value to their journey in five different, simple ways

  • Price yourself higher with confidence by demonstrating your value in a measurable and meaningful way

  • Ensure client satisfaction with your price and trust in the value you will provide in return by turning them into educated clients

Meet the expert ...

Conveyancer and consultant

Garth Brown

Garth's expertise in professional services is built on almost 25 years of legal management and operating his own property legal practice. Throughout his career, Garth's won multiple awards, has been a regular presenter on best practice for small and medium conveyancer businesses and is the author of two leading publications for legal professionals. After 25 years working in legal and business advisory positions, Garth started a professional advisory service to assist the industry to be savvy, profitable operators.